"Classic" Blues & Women Singers

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Blues Library

World Library

Adams, Alberta

Born With The Blues

Cannonball CBD 29106

Adams, Alberta

Say Baby Say

Cannonball CBD 29114

Bogan, Lucille

Women Won’t Need Men

Agram Blues AB 2005

Champion, Mickey

What You Want


Cheatham, Jeannie & Jimmy

Midnight Mama

Concord CJ-297

Cox, Ida

I Can’t Quit My Man

Affinity CD AFS 1015

Cox, Ida

Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues

Rosetta RR 1304

Dixon, Ola

Labour of Love

Severn CD-0006

Evans, Margie

Another Blues Day

L&R LR 42.060

Franklin, Aretha

I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You

Atlantic 8139

Green, Lil

Chicago 1940-47

Rosetta RR 1310

Humes, Helen

1927 - 1945

Classics 0892

Humes, Helen

1945 - 1947

Classics 1036

Humes, Helen

1948 - 1950

Classics 1333

Humes, Helen


Savoy Jazz WL 70824

Hunter, Alberta

Amtrak Blues

Columbia JC 36430

Hunter, Alberta

Young Alberta Hunter

Stash ST123

James, Etta


Chess 427014

James, Etta

Tell Mama

Chess CH-9269

Johnson, Ella w/ Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra

Say Ella

Jukebox Lil’ JB-604

Johnson, Shirley

Killer Diller

Delmark DG-757

Lasalle, Denise

Love Talkin’

Malaco MAL 7422

Lasalle, Denise

Right Place, Right Time

Malaco MAL 7430

Lee, Julia & Her Boy Friends

A Porter’s Love

Jukebox Lil’ JB-614

Martin, Sara


Best of Blues B.O.B. - 19

Maybelle, Big

Blues, Candy & Big Maybelle

Savoy SJL 1168

Maybelle, Big

The Okeh Sessions

Charly CDX 27

McDaniel, Clara

Unwanted Child

HMG 1002

Phillips, “Little Esther”

Savoy Recordings

Savoy SJL 2258

Rainey, Gertrude “Ma”

Queen of the Blues

Biograph BLP-12032

Rainey, Ma

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Yazoo 1071

Rainey, Ma

Oh My Babe Blues

Biograph BLP-12011


The Uppity Blues Women

Alligator AL 4780

Scott, Mabel

Fine, Fine Baby

Jukebox Lil JB-606

Smith, Bessie

Any Woman’s Blues

Columbia CG 30126

Smith, Bessie

Empty Bed Blues

Columbia CG 30450

Smith, Bessie

Nobody’s Blues But Mine

Columbia G 31093

Smith, Bessie

The Empress

Columbia CG 30818

Smith, Bessie

The World’s Greatest

Columbia CG 33

Spivey , Victoria

Recorded Legacy of the Blues

Spivey LP 2001

Sweet Betty

They Call Me Sweet Betty

JSP 2101

Taylor, Koko

Koko Taylor

MCA-Chess CH-9263

Taylor, Koko

The Earthshaker

Alligator 4711

Thomas, Irma

In Between Tears

Charly CRB 1020

Thornton, Big Mama

Sassy Mama

Just A Memory JAM 9154-2

Thornton, Big Mama

The Original Hound Dog

Ace CDCHD 940

Thornton, Big Mama

With Muddy Waters’ Blues Band

Arhoolie F1032

Tucker, Bessie

Complete Recorded Works 1928-1929

Document Records DOCD-5070


Blues & All That Jazz 1937-47



Country Girls 1926-29

Matchbox MSE 216


Country Girls! 1927-35

Origin Jazz Library OJL 6


Fattening Frogs For Snakes: Essential Blues Ladies

Indigo IGOCD 2042


Female Country Blues Vol. 1: “The Twenties”

da music CD 3529-2


Jailhouse Blues:Women’s Acapella Songs

Rosetta RR 1316


Mean Mothers:Independent Women’s Blues, Volume 1

Rosetta Records RRCD 1300

Recorded 1926-1939


Rare & Hot!: 1923-26 Female Vocals

Historical 14


Red White & Blues: Women Sing of America

Rosetta RR 1302


Rock ‘n’ Roll Mamas

Charly CRB 1079


Singin’ The Blues

MCA 2-4064


Super Sisters: Indepenedent Women’s Blues, Vol. 3

Rosetta RR 1308


When Women Sang The Blues

Blues Classics 26


Women’s Railroad Blues: Sorry But I Can’t Take You

Rosetta RR 1301

Wallace, Sippie

Mighty Tight Woman

Drive Archive DE2-41043

Washington, Dinah

The Complete ... Vol. 1 1943-45

Official 3004

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 2

Official 83 005

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 3

Official 83 007

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 4

Official 83 008

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 5

Official 83 012

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 6

Official 83 0131

Washington, Dinah

The Complete Volume 7

Official 83 018

Waters, Ethel

1921 - 1923

Classics 0796

Waters, Ethel

1923 - 1025

Classics 0775

Waters, Ethel

Cabin in the Sky

Milan 7313835626-2

Waters, Ethel

Oh Daddy!

Biograph BLP-12022

White, Georgia

Sings & Plays the Blues

Rosetta RR 1307

Wilson, Edith

with Johnny Dunn’s Jazz Hounds

Fountain FB-302

Yancey, Mama & Little Brother Montgomery

Mama Yancey & Little Brother Montgomery

Riverside RLP 9403