Downhome Postwar Blues

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Blues Library

World Library

Broonzy, Big Bill

Trouble in Mind

Smithsonian/Folkways SFW 40457

Brown, Gabriel


Flyright FLY 591

Burris, J.C.

Blues Professor

Arhoolie CD 497

Carolina Slim

Carolina Blues & Boogie

Travelin’ Man TM 805

Cat Iron

Sings Blues and Hymns

Folkways FA 2389

Cephas, John & Phil Wiggins

Flip, Flop, & Fly

Flying Fish FF 70580

Chatmon, Sam

The Mississippi Sheik

Blue Goose 2006

Driftin’ Slim

Somebody Hoodoo’d The Hoodoo Man

Milestone MSP 93004

Dunbar, Scott

From Lake Mary

Fat Possum 80338-2

Dupree, Champion Jack

Junker Blues

Travelin’ Man TM 807

Edwards, Archie

The Toronto Sessions

Northern Blues Music NBM0006

Edwards, Archie

The Toronto Sessions

Northern Blues Music NBM0006

Edwards, David “Honeyboy”

Don’t Mistreat A Fool

Genes GCD 9914

Estes, Sleepy John

The Legend of Sleepy John

Delmark DS 603

Estes, Sleepy John & Hammie Nixon

Tennessee Blues Vol. 2

Albatross CD DAF 102

Fuller, Jesse

San Francisco Bay Blues

Good Time Jazz OBCCD 537-2

Fulson, Lowell

Fulson, Lowel

Arhoolie R2003

Griffith, Shirley

Mississippi Blues

Blue Goose 2011

Guitar Shorty

Alone In His Field

Trix 3306

Guitar Shorty

Carolina Slide Guitar

Flyright LP 500

Guitar Slim & Jelly Belly

Carolina Blues

Arhoolie R 2005

Holeman, John Dee & the Waifs Band

Music Maker MMCD68

Hooker, John Lee

No Friend Around

Charly CR 30170

Hopkins, Lightnin’

Lightnin’ Hopkins

Smithsonian/Folkways SF 40019

House, Son

Death Letter

Edsel ED 167

Hovington, Frank

Lonesome Road Blues

Rounder 2017

Hurt, Mississippi John

Folk Songs & Blues

Piedmont PLP 13157

Hurt, Mississippi John

Monday Morning Blues

Flyright FLY 553

Hurt, Mississippi John

The Best of...

Vanguard VSD 19/20

Jackson, Bill

Long Steel Rail

Testament TCD 5014

James, Skip

Devil Got My Woman

Vanguard VMD 79273

Recorded 1964?

James, Skip


Vanguard VSD-79219

Johnson, Larry

Fast & Funky

Blue Goose 2001

Lee, John

Down at the Depot

Rounder 2010

Louis, Joe Hill

The One Man Band

Muskadine No. 101

Love, Clayton

Blues, Come Home

Monad MOA 504

McDowell, Fred

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning

McDowell, Fred

Levee Camp Blues

Origin Jazz Library OJL 8051

McDowell, Fred

Mississippi Delta Blues

Arhoolie F-10211

McDowell, Fred

The First Recordings

Rounder CD 1718

Memphis Slim

The Folkways Years 1959-1973

Smithsonian/Folkways SFW 40157

Mississippi Fred McDowell

The Best of...

Arhoolie CD 501

Owens, Jack & Bud Spires

It Must Have Been The Devil

Testament Records TCD 5016

Recorded September 7, 1970 in Bentonia, Mississippi.

Owens, Jack & Bud Spires

It Must Have Been The Devil

Testament T-2222

Peg Leg Sam

Kickin’ It

32 Blues 32211

Pickett, Dan

1949 Country Blues

Krazy Kat KK 811

Ricks, “Philadelphia” Jerry

Deep In The Well

Rooster R2636

Ross, Dr.

His First Recordings

Arhoolie 1065

Sanders. Will Roy

The Last Living Bluesman

Shangri La Projects 29

Shines, Johnny

Standing at the Crossroads

Testament T-2221

Shines, Johnny

Too Wet To Plow

Blue Labor BL 110

Smoky Babe

Hot Blues

Arhoolie 2019

Thomas, James “Son”

Beefsteak Blues

Evidence 26095-2

Thomas, James “Son”

Highway 61 Blues

Southern Culture SC 1701

Thomas, James “Son”

Son Down on the Delta

Flying High FH 6506

Townsend, Henry


Nighthawk NHCD-202


Black Cat Trail

Mamlish S3800


Blues at Newport

Vanguard VCD 115/16


Blues at Newport 1964-Part 2

Vanguard VSD-79181


Blues at Newport/1964 Complete Edition

Vanguard 662247


Blues Roots

Poppy PYS 60,003


Bluesville Vol. 1: Folk Blues

Ace CH 247


Bothered All The Time

Southern Culture SC 1703


Broadcasting The Blues: Black Blues in the Segregation Era

Document DOCD-32-20-10


Can’t Keep From Crying

Testament TCD 5007


Deep South Blues

HMG High Water 6513


Down Behind The Rise 1947-53

Nighthawk 106


Excello Rarities

P-Vine PCD-5229


From Mississippi to Chicago

HMG 1008


Giants of Country Blues Guitar 1967-81

Wolf 120.911


Goin’ Up The Country

Decca LK 4931


Home Again Blues

Mamlish S-3799


I Have To Paint My Face

Arhoolie F 1005


Living Country Blues:An Anthology

Evidence ECD 26105-2


Memphis & The Delta-1950s

Blues Classics 15


Mississippi Blues Guitars

RST Blues Documents BD-2014


Mississippi Delta Blues Jam In Memphis V. 1

Arhoolie 385


Mississippi Delta Blues, Vol. 1

Arhoolie ST 1041


Mississippi Delta Blues, Vol. 2

Arhoolie ST 1042


No Jive: Authentic Southern Country Blues

Ace CDCHD 652


Original Folk Blues: Mississippi Blues

United US-7786


Packin’ Up My Blues

Muskadine No. 102


Roots of America’s Music

Arhoolie 2001/2002


South Mississippi Blues

Rounder 2009


Newport Folk Festival

Vanguard 193/95-2

White, Bukka

Big Daddy

Biograph BLP-12049

Wilkins, Rev. Robert

Remember Me

Genes GCD 9902

Williams, Big Joe

Going Back To Crawford

Arhoolie CD 9015

Williams, Big Joe

I Got Wild

Delmark DE-767

Williams, Big Joe

Tough Times

Arhoolie F 1002

Williamson, Sonny Boy

King Biscuit Time

Arhoolie 2020