Hokum Blues & The 1930s

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Arnold, Kokomo & Peetie Wheatstraw

Arnold, Kokomo & Peetie Wheatstraw

Blues Classics 4

Arnold, Kokomo, Casey Bill Weldon

Bottleneck Guitar Trendsetters of the 1930’s

Yazoo L-1049

Big Three Trio

I Feel Like Steppin’ Out

Dr. Horse H-804

Big Three Trio

I Feel Like Steppin’ Out

Dr. Horse RBD 804

Broonzy, Big Bill

Big Bill’s Blues

CBS Portrait RJ 44089

Broonzy, Big Bill

Do That Guitar Rag 1928-35

Yazoo L-1035

Broonzy, Big Bill

The Young Bill Broonzy 1928-35

Yazoo L-1011

Broonzy, Big Bill

Volume 7

Document DOCD-5129

Collins, Lee

in the 30s: I Can Dish It

Collectors Items 009

Dixon, Willie

The Big Three Trio

Columbia C 46216

Dorsey, Georgia Tom

Come On Mama Do That Dance

Yazoo L-1041

Estes, John

The Blues of Sleepy John Estes, Vol. 2

Swaggie S1220

Gaither, Bill (Leroy’s Buddy”)

Vol. 1 1935-41

Document DLP508

Gillum, Jazz


Travelin’ Man TM 808

Gordon, Jimmie


Old Tramp OT-1219

Harlem Hamfats

Hot Chicago Jazz, Blues & Jive

Folklyric 9029

Hokum Boys, The

Can’t Get Enough of That Stuff

Yazoo L-1051

Jaxon, Frankie

Saturday Night Scrontch

Collectors Items 013

Johnson, Lonnie

Complete Recorded Works 1925-1932

Document DOCD-5066

Johnson, Lonnie

Complete Recorded Works 1925-1932

Document DOCD-5067

Johnson, Lonnie

The Blues of Lonnie Johnson

Swaggie S1225

Jordan, Louis

Somebody Done Hoodooed

Jukebox Lil’ JB-619

McCoy, Kansas Joe


Best of Blues B.O.B. 6

McCoy, Robert Lee

Vol. 1 1937:Complete Recordings

Wolf WSE 120

McTell, Blind Willie

1940 Legendary Library of Congress

Blue Moon BMLP 1.049

Memphis Minnie

Vol. 2 Early Recordings

Blues Classics 13

Moss, Buddy

Red River Blues

Travelin’ Man TM 802

Pullum, Joe

Black Gal

Agram AB 2012

Sykes, Roosevelt


Matchbox MSE 1011

Tampa Red

Complete Recorded Works

Document DOCD-5075

Recorded July 9 1929 to June 1930

Third of five volumes.

Tampa Red

Guitar Wizard

Bluebird AXM2-5501

Tampa Red

The Guitar Wizard 1935-53

Blues Classics BC 25


Hard Time Blues: St. Louis 1933-40

Mamlish S-3806


New Deal Blues

Mamlish S-3801


Please Warm My Weiner

Yazoo L-1043


Reefer Songs-16 Original Jazz Classics

Stash ST-100


St. Louis Blues 1929-35-The Depression

Yazoo L-1030


Them Dirty Blues

Jass Box One

Washboard Sam


Best of Blues B.O.B.-1

Washboard Sam

Feeling Lowdown


Washboard Sam

I’m Not The Lad

Bluestime BT 2012

Weldon, Casey Bill

Red Hot Blues 1927-37

Earl BD-605

Williams, Big Joe & Sonny Boy Williamson

Big Joe Williams & Sonny Boy Williamson

Blues Classics 21

Williamson, Sonny Boy

Volume 2

Blues Classics 20

Williamson, Sonny Boy

Volume 3

Blues Classics 24

Williamson, Sonny Boy

Williamson, Sonny Boy

Blues Classics 3