Mississippi Blues Today

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Barnes, Roosevelt “Booba” & the Playboys

The Heartbroken Man

Rooster Blues R72623

Belfour, Robert

What’s Wrong With You

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80336-2

Burnside Exploration

The Record

Lucky 13 BCC 1333-2

Burnside, Duwayne

Under Pressure

M.C. Records 1330

Burnside, R.L.

A Ass Pocket of Whiskey

Matador OLE 214

Burnside, R.L.

A Bothered Mind

Fat Possum FP1013-2

Burnside, R.L.

Bad Luck City

Fat Possum FP 1001

Burnside, R.L.

Burnside on Burnside

Fat Possum 80343-2

Burnside, R.L.

Mr. Wizard

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80301-2

Burnside, R.L.

Too Bad Jim

Capricorn 42082-2

Burnside, R.L.

Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down

Fat Possum 80332-2

Burnside, R.L.

My Black Name A-Ringin’

Genes GCD 9917

Cage, Robert

Can You See What You’re Doing

Fat Possum 80316-2

Carr, Sam

Down in the Delta

R.O.A.D. Records RDBL-42

Davis, Cedell

The Best of

Fat Possum/Capricorn 42083-2

Davis, Cedell

When Lightnin’ Struck The Pine

Fast Horse FH003

Farmer, Johnny

Wrong Doers Respect Me

Fat Possum 80321


Memphis Blues Today!

HMG 6505


Mud Island Blues

High Water 6519

Ford, T-Model

Pee-Wee Get My Gun

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80303-2

Ford, T-Model

She Ain’t None of Your’n

Fat Possum 80335-2

Ford, T-Model

You Better Keep Still

Fat Possum 80318

Frost, Frank & Sam Carr

Keep Yourself Together

Evidence ECD 26077-2

Guy, Buddy

Sweet Tea

Silvertone 01241-41751-2

Harney, Richard “Hacksaw”

Sweet Man

Genes/Blues Vault GCD 9909

Hemphill, Jesse Mae

Feelin’ Good

HMG 86502

Hemphill, Jessie Mae


High Water/HMG6508

Jackson, Calvin

Goin’ Down South

Bearville BVB 6001

Jelly Roll Kings

Frank Frost & Sam Carr

HMG 1006

Jelly Roll Kings

Off Yonder Wall

Fat Possum/Capricorn 314 534 131-2

Johnson, Big Jack

All The Way Back

M.C. Records MC0035

Johnson, Big Jack

Memphis Barbecue Sessions

M.C. Records 45

Johnson, Big Jack

Roots Stew

M.C. Records MC0039

Johnson, Big Jack

We Got To Stop This Killin’

M.C. Records 0033

Jones, Paul

Pucker Up Butter Cup

Fat Possum 80328-2

Jones, Paul “Wine”


Fat Possum/Capricorn 42090-2

Kimborough, Junior

Most Things Haven’t Worked Out

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80309-2

Kimbrough, Junior

All Night Long

Fat Possum FP 1002

Kimbrough, Junior

Do The Rump!

HMG 6505

Kimbrough, Junior

God Knows I Tried

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80320-2

Kimbrough, Junior

Live in Memphis 1994


Kimbrough, Junior

Meet Me In The City

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80333-2

Kimbrough, Junior

Sad Days Lonely Nights

Fat Possum FP 1006

Leavy, Hosea

You Gotta Move

Fedora FCD 5002

Malone, David

I Got The Dog In Me

Fat Possum/Capricorn 42084-2

Mathus, James & His Knockdown Society

National Antiseptic

Mammoth 55202

Mathus, Jas. & His Knock-down Society

Songs of Rosetta

Mammoth 0179-2

North Mississippi All Stars

Shake Hands With Shorty

Tone-Cool 1177-2A

North Mississippi Allstars

Phantom 51

True North PTN 105

Payton, Asie

Just Do Me Right

Fat Possum 80353-2

Payton, Asie


Fat Possum 80326-2

Pitchford, Lonnie

All Around Man

Rooster Records R2629

Ricks, “Philadelphia” Jerry

Deep In The Well

Rooster R26236

Shaw, Eddie

In The Land of the Crossroads

Rooster Blues CD R72624

Shields, Lonnie

Blues Is On Fire


Shields, Lonnie


Rooster Records CD R72626

Staples, Pop

Peace In The Neighborhood

Pointblank 3149

Super Chikan

Blues Come Home To Roost

Rooster R2634

Super Chikan

Shoot That Thang

Rooster ROB-CD-2645

Super Chikan

What You See

Fat Possum 80329-2

Tangle Eye

Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey Remixed

ZOE 01143-1024-2

Thompson, Lil’ Dave

Got To Get Over You

Electro Fi E-Fi 3397

Turner, Othar & the Rising Star Drum & Fife Band

Everybody Hollerin’ Goat

Birdman Records BMR 018


Black Snake Moan-soundtrack

New West NW6105


Deep Blues-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Atlantic 7 82450-2


Mississippi Blues Festival



Mississippi Blues: Film by Bertrand Tavernier

Milan CD FMC 246


Not The Same Old Blues Crap 3

Fat Possum


Sunday Nights: Songs of Junior Kimbrough

Fat Possum 1018-2

Walker, Robert “Bilbo”

Promised Land

Rooster R2632

Walker, Robert “Bilbo”

Rompin’ & Stompin’

Fedora FCD 5005

Williams, Elmo & Hezekiah Early

Takes One To Know One

Fat Possum/Epitaph 80313-2

Word, The

The Word

Ropadope 93046-2

Spence, Joseph

Complete Folkways Recordings

Smithsonian/Folkways 40104

Spence, Joseph and the Pinder Family

The Spring of Sixty-Five

Rounder CD 2114


Deep River of Song: Bahamas

Rounder 1822-2

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