Piano Blues & Boogie Woogie

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Magpie - The Piano Blues Series Volumes 1 - 21


Albert Ammons & Meade Lux Lewis

The Complete Blue Note Recordings of ...

Mosaic MR3-103

Ammons, Albert

King of Boogie Woogie

Blues Classics BC27

Butler, Henry

Blues After Sunset

Black Top CD BT-1144

Carr, Leroy

1930-35 The Piano Blues Vol. 7

Magpie PY 4407

Carr, Leroy

Blues Before Sunrise

CBS Portrait RJ 44122

Carr, Leroy

Hurry Down Sunshine

Indigo IGOCD 2016

Carr, Leroy & Scrapper Blackwell

Naptown Blues

Yazoo L-1036

Dailey, Duskey

!936-39 Complete Recordings

Document DLP 537

Davenport, Cow Cow

Alabama Strut

Magpie PY 1814

Davis, Walter

Let Me In Your Saddle

Bluetime BT 2004

Ezell, Will

Pitchin’ Boogie

Oldie Blues OL 2830

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost

Spindletop SPT1002CD

Johnson, Pete


Document DLP 535

Johnson, Pete

Central Avenue Boogie

Apollo Series Delmark DD-656

Laury, Booker T.

Nothin’ But The Blues

Bullseye BB 8542

Lofton, Cripple Clarence & Walter Davis

Cripple Clarence Lofton & Walter Davis

Yazoo L-1025

Lofton, “Cripple” Clarence

Complete Recorded Works 1935-1939

RST Records BDCD-6006

Lofton, “Cripple” Clarence

Complete Recorded Works 1939-1943

RST Records BDCD-6007


1935-36-The Piano Blues Vol. 9

Magpie PY 4409

Memphis Slim

Mother Earth

Buddah BDS 7505

Memphis Slim

The Real Folk Blues

Chess 515024

Merriweather, Big Maceo

Vol. 1: King of Chicago Blues Piano

Blues Classics BC 28

Merriweather, Big Maceo

Vol. 2:King of Chicago Blues Piano

Blues Classics BC 29

Montgomery, Little Brother

1960: These Are What I Like

Magpie PY 4451

Montgomery, Little Brother


RCA/Bluebird AXM2-5522

Perkins, Pinetop

Ladies Man

MC 0053

Price, Sam

Singing With Sammy, Vol. 1

Swingtime BT 2002

Roland, Walter

1933-35. Piano Blues, Vol. 6

Magpie PY 4406

Shaw, Robert

Texas Barrelhouse Piano

Arhoolie F 1010

Spand, Charlie

Complete Paramounts in Chronological Order

Document Records DOCD-5108

Spann, Otis

Is The Blues

Barnaby (Candid) Z 30246

Speckled Red


Wolf WSE 113

Sykes, Roosevelt

The Country Blues Piano Ace

Yazoo L-1033

Taylor, Montana & “Freddie” Shayne

Complete Recorded Works

Document DOCD-5053


Barrelhouse Women 1925-33:Piano Blues V.19

Magpie PY 4419


Barrelhouse Years 1928-33:Piano Blue V.20

Magpie PY4420


Blues Piano: Chicago Plus

Atlantic SD 7227 0598


Brunswick 1928-30: Piano Blues Vol. 2

Magpie PY 4402


Paramount Vol. 2, 1927-32: Pinao Blues Vol. 17

Magpie PY 4417


Paramount. The Piano Blues, Vol. 1

Magpie PY 4401


Piano Blues Vol. 2: The Thirties 1930-1939

Document DLP-514


Shakin’ That Thing: Essential Boogie Woogie Stomp

Indigo IGOCD 2078


Territory Blues: Piano Blues Vol. 4

Magpie PY 4412


The Piano Blues:Dallas 1927-1929

Magpie PYCD 15


The Piano Blues:Vocalion 1928-1930

Magpie PYCD 03


Unfinished Boogie 1938-45: Piano Blues Vol. 21

Magpie PY 4421


Unfinished Boogie: Western Blues Piano

Muskadine 104

Wheatstraw, Peetie


Old Tramp OT-1200

Yancey, Jimmy

Chicago Piano, Vol. 1

Atlantic SD 7229

Yancey, Jimmy

Complete Recorded Works

Document Records DOCD-5041

Yancey, Jimmy

Complete Recorded Works

Document Records DOCD-5042

Yancey, Jimmy

“The Immortal”

Oldie Blues OL 2802

Magpie - The Piano Blues Series Volumes 1 - 21

edited and produced by Francis Wilford Smith

Magpie 4401

Paramount 1929-1930

'whip it to a jelly' (The Piano Blues Vol. 1)

Magpie 4402

Brunswick 1928-1930

'nothing but a worried mind' (The Piano Blues Vol. 2)

Magpie 4403

Vocalion 1928-1930

'shake your wicked knees' (The Piano Blues Vol. 3)

Magpie 4404

The Thomas Family 1925-1929

'give it to me good, Mr. Hersal' (The Piano Blues Vol. 4)

Magpie 4405

Postscript 1927-1935

'hot box is on my mind' ( The Piano Blues Vol. 5)

Magpie 4406

Walter Roland 1933-1935

'take your big legs off' (The Piano Blues Vol. 6)

Magpie 4407

Leroy Carr 1930-1935

'don't cry when I'm gone' (The Piano Blues Vol. 7)

Magpie 4408

Texas Seaport 1934-1937

'stomp the grinder down' (The Piano Blues Vol. 8)

Magpie 4409

Lofton / Noble 1935-1936

'what's the use of getting sober' (The Piano Blues Vol. 9)

Magpie 4410

Territory Blues 1934-1941

'that's where I was born' (The Piano Blues Vol. 10)

Magpie 4411

Texas Santa Fe 1934-1937

'there's a train leavin' Houston' (The Piano Blues Vol. 11)

Magpie 4412

Big Four 1933-1941

'will satisfy your mind' (The Piano Blues Vol. 12)

Magpie 4413

Central Highway 1933-1941

'pull up your dress, babe' (The Piano Blues Vol. 13)

Magpie 4414

The Accompanist 1933-1941

'play it for me' (The Piano Blues Vol. 14)

Magpie 4415

Dallas 1927-1929

'Elm Street's paved in brass' (The Piano Blues Vol. 15)

Magpie 4416

Charlie Spand 1929-1931

'soon this morning' (The Piano Blues Vol. 16)

Magpie 4417

Paramount Vol. 2 1927-1932

'raised in the alley' (The Piano Blues Vol. 17)

Magpie 4418

Roosevelt Sykes / Lee Green 1929-1930

'the way I feel' (The Piano Blues Vol. 18)

Magpie 4419

Barrelhouse Women 1925-1933

'play it for your mama' (The Piano Blues Vol. 19)

Magpie 4420

Barrelhouse Years 1928-1933

'some piano player, I'll tell you that' (The Piano Blues Vol. 20)

Magpie 4421

Unissued Boogie 1938-1945

'jump for joy' (The Piano Blues Vol. 21)